Cloud & Local Storage

Store your passwords on iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive. Self hosting Options include WebDAV & SFTP. Other providers (e.g. Box, Nextcloud) can be used via the built-in iOS Files app. Allowing easy access from all your devices. Alternatively keep them entirely isolated locally on your device


Strongbox uses military grade cryptography, including algorithms like AES256, TwoFish, Argon2D, ChaCha20, Salsa20 all in CBC mode where appropriate. For integrity SHA256 digests and RFC2104 HMACs. For entropy a CSPRNG is always used.


Supports both Password Safe (version 3, psafe3, dat) and KeePass (versions 1 or 2, KDB and KDBX) formats. Strongbox is compatible with other Password Safe or KeePass clients. Multiple Import & Export options

Simple Clean Interface

A minimal but intuitive user interface makes Strongbox a pleasure to use. Auto Fill Credential Extension on iOS surfaces Strongbox at just the right time, in Safari and other apps

Open Source

Source Code available for independent audit at any time on Github. Available for Licence under AGPL or alternatives (contact support for options)

Other Features

Easy to use and powerful Deep Search. Find any entry across your entire database in milliseconds, across all fields.
Store Custom Fields or File Attachments all securely encrypted and protected.

Supported Cloud Drives

Apple iCloud

A selection of reviews from the App Store
Apan R

Apan R

Clean. Simple. Very nice.

"This app stores your passwords and does it in a clean and simple way. The developer answers any questions fast and very helpful way."



Strongbox: Best password safe EVER!!

"Strongbox has a good clean interface and is super easy to use! It also has a MacOS version which coupled with iCloud makes managing passwords seamless across devices. I love this app!!"



Works as expected!

"I use it to open a Password Safe that I sync with my Windows machine. I sync the files between phone, MacBook and desktop using the integrated Dropbox support."



Prima Tool

"Funktioniert wunderbar mit bekanntem pwsafe vom Desktop und sync mit Dropbox und iCloud"



Great cross platform password manager

"Uses the password safe format which means your password file can be used on every operating system with free tools. Also allows for easy syncing of the passwords across devices via DropBox. Fast and easy to use. Great Touch ID support. Everything I want and need in an iPhone password management app."



Excellent password manager

"I have used Password Safe on my Windows computers for years and Stongbox is just what I was looking for to manage these passwords on my iPad. Compatibility with Password Safe databases is perfect. It is well-designed, simple to use, and does exactly what I need. I recommend it without reservations."

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