Secure, Trustworthy & Open Source

Strongbox uses time tested industrial strength cryptography to keep your passwords, secrets and private details private. These elements combined with secure coding techniques give you unbeatable protection. The safe file is based on a long trusted format originally designed by world renowned cryptography guru Bruce Schneier. The design has withstood the test of time and is trusted by millions. All your secrets are protected by a single passphrase known only to you. Strongbox is also open source, you can find the source code on GitHub.

Simple. Clean. Easy to Use

Strongbox has been designed with strong principles of user interaction in mind at all times. This makes it a pleasure to use. From the first screen, to the last all options are presented in a convenient and non cluttered manner leaving you to get on with storing whatever secrets you need to. Strongbox uses the clearest and most detailed icons, and Apple standard controls you already know and love, which means you can be productive immediately.

Cloud Enabled

Strongbox can store and access your encrypted file in the cloud, on Apple iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox. This means your passwords are available only to you from anywhere in the world on any device, whenever you need them. Since only you know the passphrase you remain protected while enjoying the convenience of the Cloud. Never lose your most precious secrets. Strongbox also offers a local on-device storage option should you prefer offline access.


Strongbox uses industry standard techniques and file formats and so is compatible with many other applications. You can import your existing safes, export from Strongbox or work side by side with these applications seamlessly. 


If you have any issues, comments or questions with Strongbox Password Safe you can contact