Cloud & Local Storage

Store your passwords locally on your device or on a cloud drive with storage options like:

  • iCloud
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Nextcloud
  • Box
  • iOS Files
or Self Hosted on
  • WebDAV
  • SFTP

Open Source

Strongbox uses military grade cryptography, including algorithms like:

  • AES256
  • TwoFish
  • Argon2D
  • ChaCha20
  • Salsa20
Support for YubiKey secure hardware tokens.
Strongbox source code is available for independent audit at any time on GitHub


  • KeePass 2 - Full KDBX 3.1 & 4
  • Password Safe - Full Support
  • KeePass 1 - Full KDB Support
Strongbox is compatible with other KeePass and Password Safe clients. There are also plenty of Import & Export options.

Pricing (Free & Pro)

Strongbox is Freemium

Strongbox Pro offers features like:

  • Face/Touch ID Unlock
  • PIN Codes
  • YubiKey
  • Have I Been Pwned? Audit
  • Similar Passwords Audit
  • FavIcon Support
However the free version is extensive and suits most of people.

The price varies depending on your App Store but is around $40 for a lifetime purchase or $1/month for a yearly subscription.

Please support an Indie Developer who loves to work on this App! ✊

Other Features

  • YubiKey Support
  • Apple Family Sharing
  • QuickType AutoFill
  • Easy & Powerful Search
  • File Attachments
  • Custom Fields
  • Auto Clear Clipboard
  • Two Factor Codes (TOTP)
  • Entry History
  • KeePass Icons
  • FavIcons
  • Tags

About Strongbox

Strongbox began as a simple side project because there were no password managers on iOS that supported the famous Password Safe file format. This was something I personally used in my work day to day and regularly for my own personal passwords. Back in those days Password Safe was one of the leading password managers for Windows and was initially created and supported by world famous cryptographer Bruce Schneier.

As the world became more mobile and as desktop Windows lost its dominance the need for an Open Source password manager only grew and this is when my own need for a Password Safe client for other platforms grew. Strongbox emerged from this need and has grown and developed into what you see today. Originally built as a home project just for my own use, many others found it on the App Store have found it useful which has both really surprised me and brings me great joy.

Support for KeePass was added in late 2018 due to many requests and its popularity has increased with this extra functionality. The KeePass format adds many nice features such as custom fields, attachments and icons as well as strong cross platform support and a larger community than the original Password Safe format.

Strongbox is nearly five years old now and has many more users than I could have ever imagined. Strongbox is a work in progress as is all software but if you like it, or have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch (support@strongboxsafe.com) . I’d love to hear about how you or your company are using Strongbox.

-Mark McGuill
Strongbox Founder

Strongbox in the Press

A selection of reviews from the App Store
Apan R

Apan R

Clean. Simple. Very nice.

"This app stores your passwords and does it in a clean and simple way. The developer answers any questions fast and very helpful way."



Strongbox: Best password safe EVER!!

"Strongbox has a good clean interface and is super easy to use! It also has a MacOS version which coupled with iCloud makes managing passwords seamless across devices. I love this app!!"



Works as expected!

"I use it to open a Password Safe that I sync with my Windows machine. I sync the files between phone, MacBook and desktop using the integrated Dropbox support."



Prima Tool

"Funktioniert wunderbar mit bekanntem pwsafe vom Desktop und sync mit Dropbox und iCloud"



Great cross platform password manager

"Uses the password safe format which means your password file can be used on every operating system with free tools. Also allows for easy syncing of the passwords across devices via DropBox. Fast and easy to use. Great Touch ID support. Everything I want and need in an iPhone password management app."



Excellent password manager

"I have used Password Safe on my Windows computers for years and Stongbox is just what I was looking for to manage these passwords on my iPad. Compatibility with Password Safe databases is perfect. It is well-designed, simple to use, and does exactly what I need. I recommend it without reservations."

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, need help or just want a new feature!