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Academic & Social Licenses

Free Subscriptions for Students and Positive Social Change Activists

What's this program about?

As a small indie start-up we know how difficult it is to get off the ground. Tackling huge challenges against seemingly invincible leviathans isn’t easy, but it is right and admirable. 

So, to give back to the community, we would like to offer students and those who are working towards positive social change a helping hand. We know some people struggle to afford the full Strongbox Pro license and I personally know what it’s like to be a broke student 🙂 

While Strongbox isn’t directly able to effect change on some of humanities greatest challenges, we know there are many wonderful organisations that can. We’d like to contribute in some way to that struggle. In particular, if your organisation is involved in tackling any of the items below, then we’d like to help.

  • Climate change
  • The proliferation of nuclear weapons
  • War
  • Poverty
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Bigotry
  • Fascism

So, if you think you qualify and are having trouble affording the regular Strongbox license, read on…

-Mark (Strongbox Founder)

Offer Details

This is a new program and we’re still figuring out what’s possible within the parameters set by Apple. So bear with us as we learn more… 

For now, what we can offer is:

  • A Free 1 Year Pro Subscription on iOS only to those who qualify.

Student Application

Simply enter your academic email into the form below and click Apply. You will receive an email with further instructions.

Social Change Activist Application

Please simply email using your organisational email address, and, if possible, describe your work and/or organisation.

Terms & Conditions

  • We cannot guarantee that this program will remain available for any length of time, however if you do receive a license it will be valid for the advertised period.
  • The licenses are regular Auto-Renewable subscriptions, valid for 1 year only. You will need to be sure to cancel the auto-renewal to ensure you are not charged after the 1-year period.
  • Phoebe Code Limited will be the final arbiter of who does or does not qualify for this offer, and the decision will be final and non negotiable, and we will not enter into any discussion on our reasoning or decision making process.