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View the full feature list for iOS and MacOS, Free and Pro.


Yearly, Monthly and Lifetime purchase options available.
Face ID / Touch ID Unlock
Pin Code Unlock
YubiKey (NFC & Lightning)
Compare Databases
Offline Editing
Duress PIN - Open Dummy Database
Duress PIN - Delete All Data
Have I Been Pwned? Audit
Find Similar Audit
Favicon Downloader
Advanced Sync & Merge
Offline Viewing
Private Attachments Viewer
Handle Large Databases Effortlessly (250MB+)
Auto Clear Clipboard
Read Only Mode
Diceware Passwords
Configurable Password Generation
App Lock (Delete All on Fails)
Rolling Local Backups
TOTP (QR Code, RFC 6238, Steam)
Import & Export (CSV, Encrypted)
Local Network Only Import & Export
AirDrop Import/Export
Powerful Search (All Fields)
Entry History
Attachments & Custom Fields
Custom Icons & Preset Icon Sets
Custom Order & Sorting
KeePass Field References & Placeholders
Tags (KeePass)
Key File Support
iCloud Support
Local Only Databases
Google Drive
SFTP (Native Support)
WebDAV (Native Support)
Nextcloud / Owncloud (Best via WebDAV)
iOS Files Integration
Direct URL Import
Argon2 KDF (GPU Resistant)
YubiKey Secret Unlock (Emergency)


Touch ID Unlock
Apple Watch Unlock
YubiKey Support
AutoFill (MacOS Big Sur+)
WebDAV Sync
FavIcon Downloader
Auto Clear Clipboard
Import & Export (CSV)
Powerful Search (All Fields)
Diceware Passwords
Customizable Password Generation
Custom Fields
Entry History
Key File Support
Argon2 KDF (GPU Resistant)
Field References & Placeholders
Local Databases