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View the full feature list for iOS and MacOS, Free and Pro.


Yearly, Monthly and Lifetime purchase options available.
Face ID Unlock
Pin Code Unlock
YubiKey (NFC & Lightning)
Duress PIN - Open Dummy Database
Duress PIN - Delete All Data
Have I Been Pwned? Audit
Find Similar Audit
Favicon Downloader
AutoFill (incl. QuickType)
Offline Access
Private Attachments Viewer
Handle Large Databases Effortlessly (250MB+)
Auto Clear Clipboard
Read Only Mode
Diceware Passwords
Configurable Password Generation
App Lock (Delete All on Fails)
Rolling Local Backups
TOTP (QR Code, RFC 6238, Steam)
Import & Export (CSV, Encrypted)
Local Network Only Import & Export
AirDrop Import/Export
Powerful Search (All Fields)
Entry History
Attachments & Custom Fields
Custom Icons & Preset Icon Sets
Custom Order & Sorting
KeePass Field References & Placeholders
Tags (KeePass)
Key File Support
iCloud Support
Local Only Databases
Google Drive
SFTP (Native Support)
WebDAV (Native Support)
Nextcloud / Owncloud (Best via WebDAV)
iOS Files Integration
Direct URL Import
Argon2 KDF (GPU Resistant)
YubiKey Secret Unlock (Emergency)


Touch ID Unlock
YubiKey Support
AutoFill (Coming soon on MacOS Big Sur)
Auto Clear Clipboard
Import & Export (CSV)
Powerful Search (All Fields)
Diceware Passwords
Customizable Password Generation
Custom Fields
Entry History
Key File Support
Argon2 KDF (GPU Resistant)
Field References & Placeholders
Local Databases
iCloud Integration
FavIcon Downloader
TOTP (RFC 6238, Steam)