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Securing your data.

Over 100,000 users rely on Strongbox to secure their secrets every day.


AutoFill and Face ID Unlock

Strongbox integrates with the AutoFill subsystem to offer suggestions for logins directly in place, so you never have to leave Safari or that other App. Never lose context, select the login right in place from Strongbox’s suggestion and authenticate right there. AutoFill makes being secure easier than any other option. It makes the path of least resistance also the most secure path. It’s a no-brainer really, how password entry was meant to be done.

Full support for biometric authentication means the process is super convenient too. Use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock your database. No need for long and error prone keyboard entry. No more master password fatigue. Biometric unlock is a convenience feature that doubles as a security enhancement, a real win-win scenario. 

Alternatively use a simple PIN code to quickly unlock your database. This allows you to have an extremely strong master password and yet access your database with an unparalleled degree of ease and convenience.

Password Auditing

Strongbox can automatically highlight weak or commonly used passwords in your database. Find duplicate passwords, short passwords or passwords that are very similar to one another. 

Strongbox also allows you to use the renowned HaveIBeenPwned service to check if your passwords have been spotted in online password dumps and breaches. 

Be proactive in your password security. Strongbox performs audits in the background and indicates weaknesses that you may want to address. Fully configurable, super fast, offline only (unless you use the HIBP check), Strongbox encourages great digital hygiene in a friendly and intuitive way.

Stay on top of your online security. Get ahead of the hackers. Lock your secrets down.

Secure, Standards Compliant and Integrations Galore

Strongbox uses military grade cryptography, brute force resistant KDFs and offers support for hardware token protection of your database through YubiKey devices. It doesn’t get more secure than this online, anywhere. This is the gold standard. Why accept anything less?

Strongbox stores your database in KeePass or Password Safe format. Fully compatible with myriad other systems and platforms. That means zero lock in. These formats are industry standard and they offer best in class data protection for you or your firm. Strongbox itself is also open source, have a look on Github!

Strongbox supports many cloud drives and other third party storage options. Choose SFTP or WebDAV if you’d like to run your own storage setup. Keep things local if you prefer with options like AirDrop, LAN transfer or iTunes File Sharing. Further, iOS Files integration means a world of storage options are also available now and into the future, meaning open ended extensibility.