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App Store Pricing and Purchase Options


VersionPrice (US Dollars)Notes
Free$0Missing some convenience features.
Pro Monthly$2.99Monthly subscription.
Pro Yearly$14.99Yearly subscription.
Pro Lifetime$59.99One time payment.


VersionPrice (US Dollars)Notes
Free$0Missing some convenience features.
Lifetime$29.99One time payment.

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Pricing Notes
  • The iOS and Mac App’s are separate products and require separate purchases.
  • 90 Day Free Trial of all Pro features is available.
  • Prices are in US Dollars ($) based on current US App Store pricing tiers. Your price will depend on your particular App Store.
  • All licenses support Apple’s Family Sharing program so you can share with up to 6 people.
  • Outright/Upfront (i.e. non In-App Purchase) options are also available for iOS and Mac options are also available for Apple Business Manager users or those who don’t or can’t use the In-App Purchase mechanism.
  • Custom business pricing plans are also available for volume purchases. 
  • Strongbox operates on the Freemium model. That means most features are free but some convenience features are paid.