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Unlock the Full Power of Strongbox

Save time with Biometric Unlock and AutoFill. Sync to your own server via WebDAV or SFTP. Automatically audit your passwords for vulnerabilities. And much more with Strongbox Pro.


Face ID Unlock

Unlock your database instantly and securely with Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone, iPad and Mac.



AutoFill in Your Favourite Browser

AutoFill in Safari, Chrome, Firefox (and many others). Protect your data in transit using our secure browser integrations.


 Watch Unlock

Automatically unlock your database when with your Apple Watch on macOS.

Developer Tools

SSH Agent

Generate and store SSH keys within your Strongbox database on Mac. Get notified when a process is trying to use an SSH key. Manage Git commit signing and authentication.



Take control and host your database on your own storage. Seamlessly access your passwords on all of your devices.


YubiKey Support

Secure your database with a hardware token across iPhone, iPad and Mac. Create physical and virtual backup keys.

iPhones & iPads with USB-C connectors have limited support.

And Much More...

Premium Support

Get help when you need it from someone on our team. 7 days a week.

Compare & Merge

Say goodbye to sync conflicts with automatic database compare & merge. Great for multi-user environments.

Data Breach Notifications

Know when your password has been detected in a data breach (powered by Have I Been Pwned?).

Find Similar Passwords

Strongbox uses an advanced algorithm to try to detect passwords that are similar to each other.

Offline Editing on iOS

Make changes to your database whilst offline and have those changes sync once you’re back online.


Automatically download favicons to make your entries colourful and easy to recognise.

PIN Code Unlock on iOS

Secure your database with an easy to remember PIN code.

Duress PIN on iOS

Open dummy database, spoof an error or delete your local data when a duress PIN code is entered.

Wi-Fi Sync

Seamless cross-device sync without cloud drives or servers.

Custom App Icons on iOS

Choose from one of the alternate Strongbox app icons to customise your home screen.

Ready To Up Your Password Game?

Strongbox Pro

Our Pricing Plans

All prices in US Dollars. Your price may vary depending upon the country you use for your App Store.

There is also a free version of Strongbox missing some convenience feature, available for non commercial use.