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Read our how-to guides or contact our support team.

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Please search the help articles first as it will likely get you sorted much more quickly.

If you have already installed Strongbox and you are having trouble please include Debug Information in your request as well as images or screenshots, error descriptions or debug sync logs.

Finally, as strange as it sounds, many issues are immediately resolved by restarting your device and making sure you are updated to the latest version on the App Store. Please do this before contacting support.

How to find your Debug Information

  1. Tap Preferences (Top right Gear icon)
  2. Tap ‘About Strongbox…’
  3. Tap ‘Copy‘ above the ‘Debug Info‘ section

If you’re having trouble with a particular storage provider or sync-ing in general then please include the Debug Sync Log in your message.

How to find your Debug Sync Log

  1. Slide left on your database and tap ‘More…
  2. Tap ‘View Debug Sync Log
  3. Tap ‘Copy

Please note that support is offered in English Only at the moment.