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Read our how-to guides or contact our support team.

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Please search the help articles first, as this will likely allow you resolve your issue much more quickly. The following articles address common problems:

Many issues are immediately resolved by restarting your device and by updating to the latest version of the app!


Debug Information

Including debug info from your device will help us to diagnose your issue faster.

iPhone or iPad
  1. Tap Preferences (the top right gear icon)
  2. Tap the version number underneath the About Strongbox heading
  3. Tap Copy above the Debug Info section
  1. Click the Strongbox > About Strongbox menu item in the top left corner of your screen
  2. Click Copy Debug Info on the About screen


Debug Sync Logs

If you’re having an issue related to syncing, please include the debug sync log in your message. 

iPhone or iPad
  1. Slide left on your database and tap ‘More…’
  2. Tap View Debug Sync Log
  3. Tap Copy
  1. Open the Databases Manager window (click View > Databases Manager in the menu bar)
  2. Right click on your database to see the context menu
  3. Click View Sync Log
  4. Click Copy Sync Log