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News & Updates.

Follow along for App updates, new features and some advice and discussion on password management and security best practices.

Syncing with a Synology NAS

It seems that Synology has just released an update (version 5.15.0 on April 13th 2021) to their DS File App which appears to be problematic for users who use the
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Interview with Strongbox Founder on Safety Detectives

Recently our founder, Mark, sat down (virtually) for an interview with Aviva Zacks over at Safety Detectives. In this short piece he speaks about the origins of Strongbox, how the
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Olá Português do Brasil! Strongbox is now available in Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷

Strongbox (1.52.9) has just been localised into Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR) with the help of our wonderful Brazilian L10n expert! (Obrigado Wolfgang!) We hope this makes things a little more comfortable
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Offline Editing

Strongbox on iOS now supports Offline Editing. Previously it was only possible to view your database while offline but now it’s possible to add, remove, edit and reorganise your database
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Advanced Sync and Auto-Merge (iOS)

With the release of Strongbox 1.51.0 comes (finally) the much requested “Advanced Sync” feature. We wrote about this a little in our previous update about Compare & Merge. It is
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Hallo Nederland! – Strongbox now available in Dutch

Strongbox (1.52.0) has just been localized into Dutch with the help of a wonderfully dedicated volunteer (Thank you!) We hope this makes things a lot more comfortable and apologies for
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