The Most Secure Password Manager, Now Available on macOS (Strongbox Zero)

Strongbox Zero, the local-only version of Strongbox previously only available on iOS, is now available on macOS as well!

Strongbox Zero is a completely separate version of Strongbox that provides the absolute maximum level of privacy and security. All the networking code and as many third party libraries as possible have been stripped out of Zero. It is designed for the most extreme privacy and security conscious users and we don’t recommend it for most people!

With the release of the macOS version of Strongbox Zero, it’s now possible to use the app on Macs, iPhones and iPads for a single price. And all future updates will be included at no extra cost. The license even works with Apple’s Family Sharing.

And if you previously purchased Zero on iOS, you can download the new Mac app for free.

You can download Strongbox Zero here.

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