Move Your Passwords from Enpass to KeePass on Mac or iPhone

KeePass offers a number of advantages over Enpass. In this post, we’re going to explain why you might want to switch to KeePass and how to do it quickly and easily.

If you’re only interested in the how-to, you can skip straight to the step-by-step guide.



KeePass is an open standard file format for storing password databases. Databases are stored as KDBX files. These files can be opened and edited by any KeePass compatible app or client.

This has various advantages. For one thing, you won’t have to go through a laborious import/export process the next time you want to use a different password management app! Once you have your KDBX database file, you can instantly and seamlessly open and edit it in various other apps. This allows you to experiment and find the best app for your needs.

You can use different password management apps on your phone and your computer with the same database file. You could do the same thing with different apps for Mac, Linux and Windows computers.


Enpass is closed source. This means that the source code is not available for inspection on open source websites like Github. This does not in and of itself mean that Enpass is doing something suspicious. It’s just not confidence inspiring, and with a tool for managing your most important secrets, we think that’s just not good enough. We always recommend going with Open Source solutions like Strongbox.

How to Switch to KeePass

In order to follow the steps below, you’ll need to download the Strongbox app on your iPhone iPad or Mac.

Strongbox is a free and open source password manager that uses the KeePass file format. It’s available on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

There’s a Pro version of the app available but the free version has everything you need to import, view and edit your passwords. And if you later decide you don’t want to use Strongbox, it’s easy to use your new KeePass database with another compatible app; there’s no lock-in.

Step 1: Exporting from Enpass

  1. Open Enpass on your Mac and unlock your vault.
  2. Go to the menu bar at the top of your screen and click File > Export.
  3. You will be presented with a sidebar (see screenshot below)
  4. Ensure that the format is .json.
  5. Click on the small Folder icon under Choose Location and select a filename and location to export to.
  6. Click Export.
Enpass Export Side Bar

Step 2: Import Enpass JSON using Strongbox

Choose from the instructions below depending on whether you’re importing using your Mac or iPhone/iPad…

2a) On your Mac (macOS)
  1. Open Strongbox, and click File > Import > Enpass (JSON) menu item – see screenshot below.
  2. Locate and select the Enpass JSON file that you exported in Part 1 above. Strongbox will confirm the import was successful.
  3. You now need to set a master password for your new Strongbox database. This can be the same as your old Enpass master password if you like.
  4. Lastly, save your new Strongbox database either locally or on your favourite cloud drive.
  5. Check your entries in Strongbox to make sure all of your data has been imported successfully.
2b) On your iPhone or iPad (iOS)
  1. Move the Enpass JSON file that you exported in Part 1 above into a location that can be accessed by your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Open Strongbox and tap the plus symbol (+) in the top right of the screen.
  3. Tap More > Enpass (JSON)… and follow the on screen instructions
  4. Check your entries in Strongbox to make sure all of your data has been imported successfully.

Step 3: Cleanup

  1. Delete the JSON file that you exported from Enpass.

Next Steps

If you want to get familiar with Strongbox, check out our Getting Started guide. We also have extensive help articles available.

And if you have any feedback or issues, don’t hesitate to contact our support team:

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