Offline Editing

Strongbox on iOS now supports Offline Editing. Previously it was only possible to view your database while offline but now it’s possible to add, remove, edit and reorganise your database while out on that remote hike, on a flight or even just on the Tube.

Offline Editing depends upon our recently released feature Compare & Merge and the ability to maintain an independent local copy of your KeePass (or Password Safe) database with changes, and synchronise with a remote version of your database.

NB: Offline Editing is a Pro only feature (though you can always view a read only copy of your database in the free version).

Strongbox tries to detect when you are offline and immediately offer this option to you, but sometimes you will just want to manually initiate this offline editing process yourself for whatever reason. That’s super easy now. Just long tap on your database and select Open Offline.

You can always edit offline by selecting Open Offline from the context menu
The orange icon indicates that there are pending changes to be sync’d to your remote storage location.

This will open Strongbox in Offline mode. This means you can still make all the changes you normally would, or just search for an entry. However, any changes are stored only locally, ready for sync’ing back to your remote storage location whenever you next come online, or perform a sync. If you do have local changes that need to be sync’d you will see an orange icon next to your database on the main Databases List (“Home”) screen. You can always initiate a sync by pulling down on the Databases List or just tapping to unlock the database in question. Strongbox will manage any synchronisation conflicts and present options to merge if required.

This was one of our most requested features so we’re really happy to have been able to get this one out the door. It took a lot of work and relies on some other features that we’re really proud of. We hope you’ll like it, find it useful and that it makes your life a little bit easier.

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