Welcome 1Password Refugees

Just take me to the 1Password to KeePass migration steps…


We have received much correspondence over the last month or so from some very anxious 1Password users. The news that 1Password is dropping support for local only vaults as well as their decision to go with an Electron based UI has alienated former fans. Fortunately, here at Strongbox, we have no such plans to go with Electron and control over your vaults (we call them “databases”) is kind of our thing. We believe you should own your most important secrets and that not everything needs to be stored or managed in the cloud.

The Migration Frustration

One of the biggest complaints from users coming from the fully managed 1Password environment is how to get your databases from 1Password into Strongbox or even just a more portable format. Previously we had a long set of instructions with exceptions, tricky steps and third-party tools. 1Password has not made it an easy task for other developers to import their vaults. The format of their export files can only be described as a frustrating and chaotic mess. Not to be deterred, we’ve worked hard on deciphering the madness, and now, with the release of Strongbox version 1.16.2 on MacOS, we have a much simpler set of instructions which should lead to a much better experience for 1Password refugees.

Open Source Databases not Managed Cloud Vaults

Strongbox uses a time tested and super secure, open-source format called KeePass by default to manage its databases. This means there is no lock in. If you decide you don’t like Strongbox, that’s fine, take your vaults to one of the many other KeePass clients available on every platform known to humanity. We’ll work hard though to make sure you like Strongbox.

Conclusion & Feedback

So, as the founder, I’d just like to welcome you aboard. I hope you’ll like Strongbox, even if you just use it to convert your vaults into nice, friendly, open-source KeePass databases. I hope you’ll decide to stick with Strongbox. We’re a small company and we respect your privacy. We believe you should own and control your secrets, that’s our USP. We also offer a full 90 day free trial of all our Pro features, and after that we even offer a free and slightly more limited version that you can use forever. We hope though that you’ll choose to stick with us. Any feedback you have on the importation/migration process is most welcome. We’ll be adding import support to our iOS app shortly too. So, Welcome aboard!


Full Migration Steps are available here.