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The Strongbox Journey... A note from the Founder.

Strongbox began as a simple side project in 2014 because there were no password managers on iOS that supported the well known Password Safe file format. This was something I personally used in my work day to day and regularly for my own personal passwords. Back in those days Password Safe was one of the leading password managers for Windows and was initially created and supported by world famous cryptographer Bruce Schneier.

As the world became more mobile and as desktop Windows lost its dominance the need for an Open Source password manager only grew and this is when my own need for a Password Safe client for other platforms grew. Strongbox emerged from this need and has grown and developed into what you see today. Originally built as a personal project just for my own use, many others found it on the App Store have found it useful which has both really surprised me and brought me great satisfaction and pride.

Support for KeePass was added in 2018 due to many requests and its popularity has increased with this extra functionality. The KeePass format adds many nice features such as custom fields, attachments and icons as well as strong cross platform support and a larger community than the original Password Safe format.

Strongbox now has many more users than I could have ever imagined. As Strongbox grew so did the team behind it. Strongbox now has a small team working daily to support our users, add new features and languages and just make it the best way to manage your secrets independently on iOS and Mac!

Mark McGuill
Strongbox Founder

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Strongbox is wholly owned by Phoebe Code Limited a UK company registered in England & Wales (No.  12501317).

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